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Category: Companies

In this category we will be presenting all important Global Companies were with most we are in some kind of Partnership relationship. This will be the short way for all of our viewers to get to know all important possible future job places. During our Industry engagement throughout the years we have noticed the last of proper information of this type and we want to amend this. This list will be updated frequently so stay tuned for all the changes. Best regards, Software Research and Development Team

The Brightest Star Samsung Article Cover Photo


Samsung The Brightest Star

Posted By Radmila Đurić

In this article we are presenting one more worldly renowned brand, the Samsung company from South Korea.
How did it all began
Have you ever wondered what meaning hides behind the name of worldwide famous Brand?
Word Samsung in Korean consists out of two

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The Glow of The Future Swarovski Article Cover Photo


Swarovski The Glow of The Future

Posted By Radmila Đurić

In this article we are presenting one of our Affiliate Partners, the Swarovski company from Austria.
How it all Began
The Swarovski company was founded by Daniel Swarovski, born on October the 24th, 1862. in Georgethal, Bohemia, todays Czech Republic.
His father was a

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