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Software Research and Development – Products

In our company we firmly believe that Your new partner must have excellent level of expertise and knowledge.

They give us the opportunity to change the World, and it is up to us to decide how are we going to use them.

Thanks to these factors We have achieved a lot, and is there a better way to show this to You than to present some of our Software Products?


This is a complete Information System (IS) built under the user specification of Kindergarden Institution “Lane” (KI) from Aleksinac (Serbia).

IS is operational (in Production) since 2009. and it speeds up buisness operations in three major sectors of KI (pedagogical, legal and accounting service) over 10.71 times!

The solution was built using Microsoft Access platform.

The Software Solution is a college graduation exam of previously announced Author.


The Application Software CSR was built for the purposes of Social Security Center in Aleksinac Municipallity.

CSR was built on Microsoft Access platform and it covers several duties of Legal Service, which wasted most of the working hours, even those of employees from other departments.

The so called “company bottleneck”, where the amount of data that enters is larger than the current capacities able to process them.

The Software Solution was built at the time when there was no Government officialy recommended solution for this type of problem.

The Software is operational (in Production) since 2009.

LEDIB Company

This Application Software was built by the User Requirements of Razanj Municipallity office.

In cooperation with non government organization LEDIB from Nis, the municipality conducted a listing of all the businessman on its territory.

The platform we used to build this Software Solution was Microsoft Access.

The Software is operational (in Production) since 2009.

How do we achieve this?

All Software Research and Development – Products go through four to six phases of RUP Software Development Methodology.

These phases include, but are not limited to, gathering user requirements using several scientific methods for data gathering, like in person meetings with General Management and future IS Users, Focus Groups Brainstorming, Observation.

After gathering the initial User Requirements we create the UML diagrams with the main focus on following ones:

  • Use Case
  • Activity
  • Class
  • Domain Model
  • Deployment
  • Component
  • Object
  • Package
  • Sequence
  • State Machine

Initial project documentation draft is then sent to the Clients for approval and/or eventual adjustment.

After that we conduct the software code development, following the iterative approach of Agile Scrum methodology.

Our Software Code goes through thorough Quality Analysis before the final deployment on Clients production server.

Software Research and Development - Products -

Software Research and Development – Products